How do political considerations affect the methods used to interrogate captured enemy combatants

In their travels, terrorists use evasive methods, such as altered and counterfeit passports and visas, specific travel methods and routes, liaisons with corrupt government officials, human smuggling networks, supportive travel agencies, and immigration and identity fraud. The study does not directly address law enforcement interview methods and does not speak to long-term strategic interrogations, however, understanding what short-term interrogation methods produce the best intelligence is useful in determining how to best interrogate terrorism suspects. Does terrorism always seek to attain some political goal, or can there be non-political (eg criminal) terrorism all these points are minor there is also one major difference: while coady and primoratz define terrorism as violence against non-combatants or innocent people, respectively, bauhn’s definition includes no such restriction.

Start studying public opinion midterm study guide learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools a type of research method for assessing political attitudes in which citizens are brought together in a group and asked what they think about political topics using open-ended questions enemy combatants. “separation will only be used during the interrogation of specific unlawful enemy combatants for whom proper approvals have been granted in accordance with this appendix. 45 although the bush administration halted the harshest forms of interrogation, including waterboarding, by 2006, the last reported interrogation using techniques that would generally be found illegal under the convention occurred in late 2007, when a detainee was subjected to six straight days of sleep deprivation.

Does the political organization of communities in conflict areas affect their the doubt and unpredictability that civilians experience is captured by the words of the major of nebaj, guatemala, in 1976: the question of how armed groups attain territorial control has also been studied. Congressional action a military commissions act of 2009 title xviii of the national defense authorization act of 2010 (the ndaa), signed into law in october 2009, replaced the military commissions act of 2006 with the military commissions act of 2009 (mca 2009. Tore bjorgo (6) ) states “terrorism is a set of methods of combat rather than an identifiable ideology or movement, and involves premeditated use of violence against (primarily) non-combatants in order to achieve a psychological effect of fear on others than the immediate targets.

The enemy combatants held at guantanamo bay are foreign nationals but in april 2002, officials at guantanamo learned that yaser esam hamdi, an enemy combatant captured while fighting for the taliban in afghanistan, was actually a us citizen. In response to criticism following news of the mistreatment of iraqis at the us prison in abu ghraib, some media personalities and politicians suggested that the treatment of these prisoners “would have been even worse” had former iraqi president saddam hussein still been in power. Special reconnaissance (sr) is conducted by small units of highly trained military personnel, usually from special forces units or military intelligence organizations, who operate behind enemy lines, avoiding direct combat and detection by the enemy. Detaining captured enemy combatants without charges or trials and placing them in a position where they are incapable of inflicting harm on us or our allies is entirely consistent with internationally accepted principles that have endured for more than four centuries if there is a question whether the methods used to obtain a statement.

How do political considerations affect the methods used to interrogate captured enemy combatants

The only alternative is for military strategy to perform the functions of policy and military leaders to usurp political power, for which they are totally unsuited soldiers are by nature servants of their societies and make very poor masters. The ability to successfully fight the enemies of israel has for many decades been an essential ingredient of israel’s collective identity this is not the only element of the collective identity: israel has a democratic regime and is the nation-state of the jewish people. Petitioners are aliens designated as enemy combatants and detained at the united states naval station at guantanamo bay, cuba under a standard like the one the department of defense has used in these cases, and when held in a territory, like guantanamo, over which the government has total military and civil control p 94 (1986) when.

Many people do not believe this to be the case for torture of enemy combatants the argument is much more bound up with prudential considerations, in practice — jim manzi apr 27, 06:21 pm . An exploration of the meaning of the most quoted—and most frequently misunderstood—concept in on war.

Simultaneously, friendly forces use information operations to do the same to the enemy (see fm 3-13 ) these actions interact to create an environment of extraordinary uncertainty. If the men had indeed been enemy combatants, a trial would have been unnecessary, but there is something troubling about the administration’s resort to war rules simply because it did not like the result of following law enforcement rules. Intelligence ethics and non-coercive interrogation michael skerker this paper will address the moral implications of non-coercive interrogations in intelligence contextsi us army and cia interrogation manuals define non-coercive interrogation as interrogation which avoids the use of physical pressure, relying instead on oral gambits. Reconnaissance is a mission undertaken to obtain by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, and about the.

How do political considerations affect the methods used to interrogate captured enemy combatants
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